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Top 5 ways to save on your next move.

#1 Way To Save: Local Mover.

It is a fact that a local moving a company is by far the best way to save money on a local or long distance move.  Even if you are moving across county we can, load, drive and unload for less than the big moving company's.  We can save you hundreds or even thousands compared to even Pods who don't load and unload for you.  Get a free quote and compare it to the big moving company's prices.  To get a free quote call 601-467-5156 or CLICK HERE

#2 Way To Save Money: Sell Unwanted Items.

Moving sale, craigslist, or donate to your favorite charity.  It is always better to sell unwanted items and furniture before a move.  I'm not saying to sell the things that you love, just the unwanted items.  If you don't want to sell your unwanted things, (or you don't have the time) you could donate to a charity like the Salvation Army.  Just a few unwanted items may be the difference between getting the next smaller-sized cheaper truck.  It will also help fuel cost and loading/unloading time with your movers.  Not to mentioned you could make some extra money by selling some unwanted items.  Stress Free Moving will also drop off any extra unwanted items at the Salvation Army free of charge.

#3 Way to Save Money: Free Boxes.

Buying boxes and packing supplies can be a very expensive part of your next move.  The cheapest way to get boxes is to get free boxes from a store, but the problem with this is that most bigger stores are part of a cardboard recycling program and get paid for recycling boxes.  The best place to get free boxes is smaller stores and restaurants that are not part of a recycling program.  If you are going to buy boxes, shop around, the prices at truck rentals are usually the highest.

#4 Way to Save Money: Tax deduction.

Sometimes moving expenses can be deductible.  Not everyone knows that the government allows for some moving expenses to be deducted, as long as you qualify.  There are pretty strict and simple rules to find out if you do, if you're not sure, speak to your accountant or a tax specialist.

#5 Way to Save Money: Moving Compensations Programs.

If you are being transferred or moving to get closer to your place of work, always ask if there is a moving compensation program.  Places that you would least expect, like Olive Garden and Red Lobster have moving compensation programs for their employees.  Even if you are moving to start a new career with a company, always save your receipts and ask.

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